College Boxing. { EDITORIAL }

Some names you should remember:

Stacy Sakamoto.
Dick Marshall.
Stacy’s the producer/writer of this story. Dick’s the photographer, employing XDCam, GoPro, Canon Powershot, and an iPhone.
By the time they were done, here’s what was supposed to happen: a 3-1/2 minute cut  completed in 12-16 hours. Instead, the cut had to be 5-1/2 minutes done in 8 hours.
That’s right: more content… and less time to cut it.
The question was, just how much impact would the loss of edit time have on the finished product?
Okay so Dick gave me tons of great stuff. I actually took time to skim through every clip, tagging as I went, before working the timeline. I quickly discovered the GoPro footage was AWOL. No kidding. Fortunately, Stacy took it upon herself to hunt it down for me.
As scripted, the story’s open featured a mix of the actual fight night and practice bouts. I leaned hard into the fight night footage alone; it was so loaded with energy.
The script also featured the deep, emotional moments two of the boxers experienced. It gave me an opportunity to get out of the way as an editor and let the moments play for all they were worth. And they were worth plenty.
Finally, I misjudged the amount of time it would take to cut the two fight sequences and actually cut around them in case I had to hand the edit over to another editor.
But, turns out the magic number was 30.
Thirty minutes to cut the fight sequences. Go figure.
The story on the photograph that ends this piece is that by the time the team assembled for a group shot, Stacy and Dick had already packed up their gear. So with no time to unpack anything, they used an iPhone to capture this final moment and, at the end of the edit, Stacy emailed it to me from her phone.
And that was that.


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