I’m a Creative. I craft and conjure stories through picture, sound, music, FX, rhythm, design… and silence.
I’m agile with ideas, adept at untangling complications and
I shine as a partner.

I have a passion for strong, collaborative work. I’m a storyteller and communicator who uses writing, editing, camera work, and music composition to tell stories.

Even when I’m off the clock.

Whether long- or short-form, whether solo or with a team, whether the clock’s counting down from months, weeks, days, or minutes… I work with care, speed, detail and, more often than not… a touch of improvisation

My broadcast experience hardwired me with a high internal clock speed and honed my skills as an effective listener and confident prioritizer who’s pretty good at predicting the future. My production/post-production experience empowers me to take projects from the blank page to a hi-res screen (whatever that “res” may be… and wherever the screen may be). My personal style speeds my ability to work in sync with clients and producers, visualizing and building on their ideas as they direct mine toward a finished piece.

I excel at balancing inspiration, direction, personalities, and tastes toward an ultimate payoff. I can surf complexity, deadlines, infinite moving parts, and The Unexpected without hemorrhaging any blood vessels, blowing any gaskets. Regardless of the speed bumps and land mines that drive us all to distraction, I enjoy what I do and the people with whom I work. I crave the kick you get when you realize how the finished work really is greater than the sum of efforts joined in to do that work. What speaks to me the most, though, is what I can evoke directly from the footage itself, whether that footage was shot by myself or someone else. I enjoy getting the laugh, the heartache, the concern, the engagement… through sequencing, pacing, and cuts. If a project needs a little help from music, or a lot of help from music, I know what to do. If a project doesn’t need any help that way, I’m confident enough to leave music in the holster.

I enjoy opportunities to inspire.

I enjoy opportunities to have a great time doing great work.

So if anything about me sparks your interest, please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for engaging projects to work on or people of talent, good humor, creativity, and passion with whom to work.

Engaging projects and great people, of course…

Is always best.



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