I’m a Creative. Crafting rhythm & design with picture, sound, music, effects… and silence. I’m agile with ideas, a tamer of complications, and I shine as a partner.

My favorite moment—and scariest—is when I’m looking at a blank screen…
When anything’s possible.
Same deal at the start of a shoot…
That’s a good and a bad thing, of course. There are any number of ways to master those moments of possibility, of whittling infinite moving parts to something that engages.
Over time, that ability to capture essence from infinite is one that serves me well.
With clients. With producers. With directors. With scripts.
With deadlines.
But as our experience reveals time and again, there are plans
And then there’s what happens in spite of those plans.
Which is where I come in.
As an editor, designer, composer, photographer… I constantly shuffle through drafts of projects in my head as I work. I shuffle and sift possibilities. Comparing what is desired against what can be done.
I am not creatively intimidated by the clock.
Nor am I stumped by having to improvise.
My best work is and always will be in collaboration. Whether that’s with other creatives, individuals with vision, or clients with stories to tell.


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