I was brought in to tinker with the episode prior to this one, to imbue it with rhythm and style more appropriate to a show for kids. What remains of the original design in that episode as well as this one is the brain/gears animation in the open and bumpers, although the original backgrounds were replaced.


Sometimes, You’ve Gotta Punt (Part 1) { MOTION GRAPHICS | SOUND DESIGN }

On rare occasions (hopefully just rare occasions) you come across a highly descriptive paragraph in the script… and find less than highly evokative footage in your bins.
After a quick phone call to your producer to confirm that–yup–that’s all you’ve got, there’s some choices to make.
And the reason there are choices is that–especially in adventure or travel shows–usually a story’s being told; an illustration verbalized. And it’s tricky to cover that stuff.
Enter the stock photo library of your choice… and After Effects.
Of course the clock’s always an issue, but in this case I had time to find art to illustrate what was scripted as well as footage from our own archives to sweeten the deal.
On top of which I designed a little riff on “Tubular Bells” to help flesh out the creepy atmosphere I was going for.